Mtv Bomber Jacket | Air Force | ValorBRANDS™
Mtv Bomber Jacket | Air Force | ValorBRANDS™
Mtv Bomber Jacket | Air Force | ValorBRANDS™

Mtv Bomber Jacket | Air Force | ValorBRANDS™

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Your refashioned ValorBRAND™ jacket has been personally redesigned by the Founder of Medals of Honor and ValorBands™

You will find an array of military and adorable patches that include Air Force rank on the sleeves, hearts and a military unit patch. On the back you will find the "Mtv" logo!

This one-of-a-kind piece is perfect for anyone wanting to express their pride for our Military by wearing their gratitude all while rocking this cool fashion trend. 

This jacket looks great on both men & women. 


Size: Large (Male)/ XXL (Female)

Height: 30

Chest: 40-45 inches

Accessories: Colored "Mtv" logo, Pink heart, American flag, and other military patches

Colors: Blue Air Force bomber jacket

Because of the items we refashion... Every ValorBrand™ item is... 

√ Unique

√ Beautifully flawed 

√ One-of-a-kind 

√ A nonverbal Thank You, and a patriotic reminder that freedom isn't free. 

Shop knowing your purchase is making a great impact. 

√ A portion of the net proceeds of your purchase gets donated directly to Medals of Honor. Click here to learn more. 

√ You are helping to give transitioning veterans a hand-up with job training and employment.  

What You Should Know Before Purchasing

  • Due to the textile used, the color and camouflage pattern may vary from the display photo.
  • Although we take precautions by applying anti-fray to our ValorBANDs and ValorBRANDs items, some fraying of fabric is likely to occur and should be expected.
  • Please read our return policy before purchasing.