Honor The Sacrifice | Navy | ValorBAND™
Honor The Sacrifice | Navy | ValorBAND™

Honor The Sacrifice | Navy | ValorBAND™

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Your ValorBand comes from a uniform donated by HMI Sam Johnson.

HMI Johnson has been on active duty for over 11 years in the US Navy. He has been on 8 deployments and in 2016 he was named the “Sailor of the Year”! Sam is a runner, triathlete and is still serving on active duty. This uniform was worn during deployment.

Now you get the chance to become a part of that story through your purchase. 

Once these ValorBands are gone, that's it; they are gone forever. 


Base: US Navy digital camouflage

Closer: Adjustable | Velcro 

Size: 8 inches

Adornment: Honor The Sacrifice tape


Because of the materials we use... Every ValorBand is... 

√ Unique

√ Beautifully flawed 

√ One-of-a-kind 

√ Is a nonverbal, patriotic, reminder that freedom isn't free. 


Shop knowing your purchase is making a great impact. 

√ A portion of the net proceeds of your purchase gets donated directly to Medals of Honor. Click here to learn more. 

√ You are helping to give transitioning veterans a hand-up with job training and employment.  


What You Should Know Before Purchasing

  • Due to the textile used, the color and camouflage pattern may vary from the display photo.
  • Although we take precautions by applying anti-fray to our ValorBANDs, some fraying of fabric is likely to occur and should be expected.
  • Please read our return policy before purchasing.