Social Impact

Social Impact

Fashion with a Purpose

Putting America’s Heroes to Work

If you’re gonna dream; you might as well dream big! As ValorBands™ scales it’s my goal to build it into a social-impact fashion brand known for beautifully designed, sustainable, wearable gratitude.™  I’m so excited to announce that my dream is one-step closer to becoming a reality. ValorBands™ is partnering with the Sewing Training Academy, a Nashville-based non-profit that offers manufacturing sewing job training.  ValorBands™ is committed to paying for the (job training) tuition of a limited number of veterans (i.e transitioning, at-risk, homeless) so that after graduation we can employ them making our products.

Anyone that knows me well; knows veterans outreach is my passion and mission. I truly believe, NO veteran should ever be without a job or a place to live. They did their job, now it’s our turn to take care of them. Together, we can make an impact on the lives of our Nashville, Ft. Campbell veterans and hopefully inspire other cities, states, and businesses to follow suit by offering job training and employment to veterans.

Thank you in advance for wearing your gratitude.


About the Military Non-Profit We Support